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Coral Farming and Caribbean Biotope

Here at Advanced Aquarium Consultancy, we are focused in the art of coral cultivation. We believe that aquacultured and captive grown corals and fish will and already has reduced the need for certain coral imports from the wild.  This ‘greener’ approach will safe guard our beautiful hobby and in turn is providing valuable information to conservation groups and other interested parties.

Coral farming

Sustainability is entirely possible through careful coral farming in the wild habitat and captive rearing of coral fragments (often called ‘coral frags’).  This provides sustainable industry for local people involved in the aquatic industry in far flung island regions and in turn teaches better management of their local coral reef.  In captivity we are now able to not only grow corals and certain fish species, but cultivate them, providing many offspring in a sustainable way. 

Here at Advanced Aquarium Consultancy we are currently culturing 16 species of stony corals/ 10 species of Caribbean gorgonians/ 4 soft coral species and the truly beautiful Caribbean Ricordea Florida (mushroom anemone sp).  In time as our numbers increase, some of these species will be offered for sale to our service clients and general public.  With time it is entirely possible to ‘grow your own reef’ with little or no impact on natural resources. You can view some of the coral frags for sale on ebay at Coral Frags and Critters.

Caribbean Biotope

One of Advanced Aquarium Consultancy’s specialist skills is the ability to create very realistic and natural displays.   A regional or biotope aquarium is a much more advanced approach- specifically choosing animals from regions and habitats that are suited to one another.  Although this means using a more limited colour palette at times, we believe that a more naturalistic approach to coral gardening and fish choices makes for a more healthy and realistic display. 

We have created a Caribbean /tropical western Atlantic aquarium, with species of gorgonians and fish from the region.  This aquarium includes many other crustacean/mollusc species also from the Caribbean region. A Tunze wave box moves the sea fans in a natural way as they would in there environment. Hundreds of gorgonian frags have already proven this aquariums success. See the gallery pages for further pictures.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about various biotope/regional aquariums.