Advanced Aquarium Consultancy

Advanced Aquarium Consultancy

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"Paul has been our Marine consultant for quite some time now and has just set up a spectacular tank in our new home. His care of not only the tank environment but ours as well has been done with great consideration in all aspects. He is dedicated to his field and provides an excellent environment for the marine life in his work.

"The end result that Paul achieves is both sympathetic to a natural look coupled with a truly spectacular display. There hasn’t been a problem that he has not been able to resolve and he is a walking encyclopaedia of Marine knowledge. We would not hesitate to recommend him, his work, care and style of design is exceptional."
Tracey & John Shayer

"Thanks to Advanced Aquarium Consultancy, my love of all things marine has increased to levels i never thought possible.My under water gardens are a joy to behold."
Marc Gadian

' Paul has been servicing my tank for over 2 years and has transformed it from an ok tank into a special tank worthy of being centre piece in any house, office, restaurant or hotel lobby. Having already had previous knowledge and a keen learner we have worked together to achieve the look we both want and Paul’s expert knowledge of corals and fish have very much helped to achieve this.

Paul plans his work methodically and always treats your
environment as your own. Whether I am there to watch him go about his work or whether I am not he always leaves the tank looking beautiful with his understanding of how we want to tank to continue to progress. I wouldn’t have anyone else look after my tank and I would recommend him to anybody looking to get the most natural reef aquarium they can.'
Gary Saadie